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Izzy & Goo Goo Doll in the Low Children’s Jumpers, March Sycamore Show, 2014

Hey guys. So this is one of my best friends. Izzy is her name. Camera skillz are her game. She’s pretty cool. Y’all should follow her. MAKE HER FAMOUS #izzy2014




Eva & Bentley winning the $500 Bit O’ Straw Hunter Classic, HITS Thermal 2014, Week 5

Hannah & Phoebi in the 1.10 Jumpers, HITS Thermal 2014, Week 5

canter stride, HITS Thermal 2014, Week 5

i really really reaLLY love your photography, you've got great skill :)

Thank you so much! That means heaps to me. :)

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chestnut & blue, HITS Thermal 2014, Week 5


Currently I’m having issues with my desktop, so this will not be the end of the Thermal pictures! I still have many to upload, but currently I am not able to. I’m hoping to upload the rest by this weekend. Thanks for holding in there guys, and for all of you new followers, you’re the best! 

xx Martina

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You posted a photo of a chestnut hunter with a white star a little while ago and I was wondering it you know his show name? He looks like my old hunter who I haven't seen in far too long!

Sadly no, I do not know the show name of that chestnut with the star. All I know is I think it was in adult hunters. Sorry!

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Just had to say that your photography is absolutely stunning! I hope one day my photos can be as good as yours :) <3

Thank you my dear! You’re too sweet. And keep working at it, the more you practice, the faster you’ll improve! :-)

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